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+Where can I purchase Allsop Gardening Products?

Allsop Gardening Products may be purchased at local dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Please search our dealer locater to determine if there is a dealer located near you. If you do not see a dealer in your area, please order from our web-site or call us at 866-425-5767 to place an order or get additional product information.
+I am a retailer, how do I become an authorized reseller of Allsop Gardening Products?

Please contact our sales office at 866-425-5767 to speak with a dealer services representative for set up or click on the "Dealer Info" button on our web-site to fill out an on-line application. Our office operates on Mountain Standard Time.
+What exactly is the Wheel Easy?

The Wheel Easy is a yard cart designed specifically for the gardener. By design, the sling or "bucket" area lays flat on the ground eliminating the strenuous chore of lifting awkward and heavy objects. Just rake, roll, push, pull or sweep matter into the Wheel Easy and go!
+What is the Wheel Easy made of?

Handles- built from heavy gauge powder coated steel
Basket- 1000 pt. denier, vinyl coated nylon, industrial strength sewn with UV resistant thread for a lifetime of wear and tear.
Tire- 12" rubber pneumatic tire, black. Arrives partially deflated, please carefully pump tire with a shrader valve bike pump.
Grips- foam rubber compound designed for secure grip in all conditions.
+What makes the Wheel Easy different than a regular Wheelbarrow?

The wheel Easy was made for loading. No lifting!
-Compact Storage, with a rapid release system for easy compact, folded hanging or ground storage
-Better balance- Low center of gravity, sling basket self-centers load, cradles and stabilizes awkward matter.
-High capacity/Heavy duty- 350 lb. Load strength holds up to 6 cubic feet of material.
-Easy to clean- spray with garden hose or wipe down for clean surface.
-Highly Maneuverable- unique design allows for tight cornering and comfortable travel.
+What are the dimensions of the Wheel Easy?

Weight: 21. lbs., 12"x 13"x 69"
+What is a Clean Up Canvas?

A square industrial strength ground tarp sewn with four heavy duty ballistic like handles on each corner, enabling the gardener to wrap up yard waste and awkward debris in a self containing tarp (think wanton shape). Comes with 2 caribiners to attach handles together for easy, totally contained loading or moving.
+What is the Clean up Canvas made from?

Woven polyethylene with polypropylene straps. Tough!
+What makes the Clean Up Canvas different than a standard tarp

Heavy duty sewn handles and caribiner clips allow for easy, non-messy, self-contained loading in the back of any vehicle. Also great for transporting mess or clean up around the garden.
+What kind of capacity does the Clean Up Canvas have?

Holds over 20 cubic feet of material
-7 square feet of material
-2.3" x 12.25" x 20"
+What are Pot Pads?

Pot Pads are hard plastic circular pot feet designed with a rubber pad to grip the bottom of your pot. Pot Pads allow for aeration and drainage of the plan, prevent deck rot and molding beneath pots and allow you to move pots with ease. Pot pads are multi-functional in that they were designed to assist you in moving your pots around your deck without any heavy lifting, just slide into preferred location. They also create a thin buffer between your deck and your pot allowing your plant to breathe fostering healthier plants!
+What makes Pot Pads different than "Clay Feet or other plant stands?"

Pot pads are weather proof; they will never crack, crumble or decompose. Pot Pads sit discreetly beneath pots and do not detract from the look of your potted plants. Designed with just one point of contact, pot pads will never leave unsightly marks or stains on the decking surface. Pot Pads hold up to 5,000 lbs!
+How many actual Pot Pads come in a pack?

Pot Pads are available in a 4pk and 12pk configuration.
+What is solar powered garden art?

Solar powered garden art is the unique combination of solar power, efficient LED lighting and unique material and shapes which help to disperse light.
+What is a Firefly and how does it work?

A Firefly is a stainless steel garden stake with a solar panel affixed to the stake. The solar panel equipped with a photo light sensor is wired through the stake to a high powered LED. A variety of hand-blown glass tops are sold with each Firefly solar stake and are screwed onto the top of the stake covering the LED light. At night when the sun goes down, the photo light sensor will turn the LED light on and the Firefly will go when fully charged for 6-8 hours each night. In the morning the light will turn itself off.
+Why are batteries included with solar products? Are they battery powered?

All solar products require a receptacle in which they can store their collected energy. During the day the photo voltaic solar panel is collecting energy from the sun and storing that energy in a rechargeable battery. All solar products by Allsop Home & Garden are designed with the use of a rechargeable battery, either AAA or AA in size.
Yes, the Firefly and all solar products by Allsop Home & Garden are designed to be used year round in the garden. Optimum "glow time" will likely be experienced more frequently in the summer months than in the winter months. Do expect a change in glow time during darker months.
+Will my Firefly Floral top fill up with water when it rains?

All Firefly products are designed with a neck piece which features drain holes allowing your Firefly floral to fill with water and drain down the outside of the stake.
+How do I turn my Firefly on to be sure that it will glow the first night I use it?

Your Firefly is charged and ready to glow the first night you use it. Be sure however to remove the isolator clip located on the bottom side of the sola housing compartment. This will activate the rechargeable batteries and ensure that your light works night after night.
+When do the batteries in your solar products need to be replaced and where can I buy them?

All solar products by Allsop Home & Garden require the use of rechargeable batteries which store the energy collected by the solar panel. Depending on the product purchased, the products will require a replacement of one or two AA or AAA batteries after one to two years of use. If you are unsure of which type of batteries your product requires you may call customer service at 1-866-425-5767. Another way to determine what type of batteries to purchase for replacement is to open the two halves of the solar housing compartment and remove the battery previously installed in the product. At Allsop Home & Garden we recommend the use of Ni-MH batteries which may be purchased easily at a local hardware, convenience or grocery store. If your product is within one year from date of purchase, you may call customer service to inquire about a warranty replacement battery with proof of purchase.
+Do solar products require full and direct sunlight at all times?

Yes, solar products will produce optimum results when fully charged for between 6-8 hours by the sun each day. Locate your solar product in full sunlight, with western or southern exposure for optimum results.
+What are Soji lanterns constructed from and how durable are they?

Soji lanterns are solar powered lanterns constructed of a small solar photo voltaic solar cell, photo light sensor, two LED lights and a nylon lantern optimum use and may require a battery replacement after one year of use.
+Do solar lanterns receive enough sunlight when hung from a tree or eave?

While we do not recommend that solar lanterns are positioned permanently beneath an eave, they can easily be positioned in a tree and still produce optimum "glow time" each night. If you choose to hang Soji lanterns in trees, you may tie each lantern with string or line by the handle and string it away from the branch. This will allow the solar panel to collect light while still hanging from a tree branch.
+How long should my solar lantern glow each night?

Solar lanterns are designed to glow between 4-6 hours each night on a full charge. The lantern will only be fully charged if it is located so that it receives full and direct sunlight. Results will vary depending on location of the lantern, aspect of the lantern to the sun and time of year. Solar lanterns may turn on at varying times in the evening.
+Do I need to turn my Soji Solar lantern on each night?

Since Soji lanterns are designed with a photo light sensor which will turn your lantern on at dusk and off at dawn, you only need to turn your Soji lantern on once, and leave it in the "on" position at all times during use.
+Will my solar lantern collect enough light to glow if I put it in my window inside my house?

While your lantern may collect some solar energy it will not be sufficient enough o keep your lantern lit throughout the night. Soji lanterns are meant for outdoor use.
+Where are the batteries located in solar products by Allsop Home & Garden?

All products by Allsop Home & Garden contain one or more rechargeable batteries located inside the solar housing compartment. To change the batteries, locate the screws on the underside of the solar housing compartment. Unscrew the screws and separate the two halves of the solar housing compartment. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new rechargeable battery. Insert the screws back into their holes and screw the two halves of the solar housing compartment back to together securely.

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